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Roll Linings

Phenolic Resin used in industrially woven and flexible roll linings, with or without wire reinforcements of varying thickness and lengths is another specialty of the industrial resin and chemicals that we procure. They have a wide range of applications, like – segmented or as band brakes in elevators, cranes, winches, hoists, drop hammers, concrete mixers, heavy earth moving equipments. CASKYD caters to the necessities of roll lining makers in India and abroad. With a wide range of phenolic resin kinds to offer as assistance to brake lining & roll lining manufacturers with asbestos – free and asbestos automotive roll linings, woven roll linings and molded roll linings, CASKYD has raced ahead of its competitors through a decade now.

The heavy duty brake linings find application in mostly commercial vehicles. Its brake linings and disc brake pads rather find usability in light commercial vehicles and two-wheelers.

Phenolic Resin for Woven Roll Linings

Woven Roll Linings can be closely woven, semi-rigid woven roll linings bound in metallic or non-metallic compositions, bonded with CASKYD – which is a high temperature, impregnate, to give it enhanced mechanical strength and good anti-fade and wear properties. It also provides a high coefficient of friction and makes it flexible enough to accommodate small changes in radius and to be used as a band lining as well.

INDUSTRIAL RESINS & CHEMICALS are brake lining resin manufacturers which are particularly suitable for high duty application industries like industrial brake manufacturers, heavy machinery makers like construction and earth moving cranes, mining equipments, forklifts, containers, elevators and agricultural machineries.

Phenolic Resin for Molded Roll Linings

We manufacture phenolic resin for asbestos and asbestos free molded roll lining. Molded Roll linings are flexible molded metallic or non-metallic friction substance with a varying fiber base. It is applied for medium and light duty applications on brake squeal. CASKYD enhances the flexibility of the molded Roll Lining; hence it’s easy to form a roll of a certain radius to accommodate it on the shoe. With molded Roll linings made from Phenolic reins – CASKYD has a wide spectrum of applications especially in industrial drum brakes, band brakes, in passenger cars, light trucks and other light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

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