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Lacquer & Insulation Varnishes

Lacquer is a transparent, hard, protective film primarily used in giving the final polishing to wooden furniture and other decorative fibers that are susceptible to decay in the long run. Lacquer is traditionally a combination of a drying oil, a resin, and a thinner or solvent. Lacquer produces a glossy luster. Lacquer has little or no colour, it is mostly transparent, and has no added pigment, as opposed to paints or wood strainers. It is also applied over wood stains as a final step to achieve a permanent glossy film for protection. Ideal furniture finish would penetrate deep into the.Read More...


Being one of the leading CNSL resin and Cardanol resin manufacturing companies of India we manufacturing Phenolic resin since the early 1980’s. CASKYD is a brand well known for its quality and consistency globally. The CNSL resins manufactured by CASKYD can give your product the perfect union of Quality, Consistency and Technology. In the 1980s we had begun as CNSL resin manufacturers, and now we cater to the Paint & Varnish Industry, Brake Lining Industry, Printing Ink Industry, Insulating Varnish Manufacturers, and Rubber Industry etc. We also customize C.N.S.L / CARDANOL to client’s specifications.Read More...