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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Phenolic Resin Manufacturers of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (C.N.S.L) & Cardanol. Our company was established back in 1981. From four decades, our brand – CASKYD® is growing steadily in the Domestic & International market because of its Quality and Consistency in product and Smooth Operative Supply Chain Management!

We started as a simple CNSL Resin Manufacturers for just the Paint Industry, but with Experience and Knowledge and a Strong Backup of our Technical Team , CASKYD® soon grew to cater diverse industries like - Paint & Primers , Varnish, Brake Lining , Printing Ink, Insulating Varnish Manufacturing, Rubber, Anti Corrosive Mediums production etc.

The growth of Industrial Resins & Chemicals (IR&C) is fed by its drive for innovation, continuous improvement and perfection. This drive has helped us to move step by step to Realize Our Aim of International Expansion! The company devotes a good portion of revenues to Research & Development and operates according to a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy, which strives to anticipate Customer Needs!

We also make tailor made C.N.S.L / CARDANOL Resin as per the Client's Specifications!

For over 25 years, IR&C with the help of, Ink Markers from across the world has worked towards developing customized Phenolic Resin that meets a wide range of Press Room Applications. Whether you Need – Better Flow & Transfer, Better Pigment Dispersion, Faster Set Time, Better Rub Resistance, Higher Gloss, Decreased Misting Or Other Specific Characteristics - We Provide it All with Real World Experience And Product Know-How. Our R&D team is always ready to Work with you on modifying CASKYD® as per Your Requirement! We are sure we can meet or rather Exceed Your Quality Expectations!

As an Industrial Resin Manufacturer - Our vast R&D resources are focused on the developing - New Phenolic Resin for Offset Printing Ink to meet the Current and Future Needs of the Ink Manufacturers and the Printing Industry Worldwide. Our next generation of products is being created using a combination of existing product line extensions and unique hybrid chemistry. IR&C will continue to provide industry leading products with Consistency, and that will be our Pride!

IR&C is dedicated at creating innovative Cardanol and C.N.S.L based Phenolic Resin Products using Quality Raw Material, and provides Outstanding Technical Backup Support and Customer Service that will continue to keep your Company in the Forefront in any Competition!

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