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Resin for Primers

Primer is a pre-coat for paint that ensures better longevity and quality finish to the substrate on which it’s supposed to be applied on. Hence the main objective of primer is to adhere to the surface and form a binding layer between the surface and the applied paint. Once the formulation of primer is done, properties like durability along with better filling and binding properties, better and smoother finish of the surface are kept in mind. Primer makers, achieve such chemical union, by using special formulas, as in the case of aluminum primer, but more often, this is achieved through controlling the primer’s physical properties such as porosity, flexibility, tackiness and likewise. Read More...

Resin for Enamel Paints

From supplying Superior Quality CNSL & Cardanol Resin for Primers and to several variants of Paints - the Quality and Consistency and Supply Chain Management offered by CASKYD remains unparalleled over the past 30 years!
Resin is supposed to be the “Heart” of Paint & Primers and all its properties depend upon the quality of Resin used in the manufacturing. The role of CNSL / Cardanol resin in Paint & Primer is Very Precise and Significant. It imparts a mirror Gloss to Paint or Primer Finish. It also makes the Paint or Primer more flexible and imparts Great Mechanical Strength, Quick Dry, Rust and Corrosion Resistant -Enabling it to Resist Damages caused by Water, Acid, Alkali and other Eroding Chemicals. Read More...

Resins for Paints

CASKYD is used to formulate wide range of Chemical Resistant Paints, which finds extensive application in the Chemical Industry. These paints are capable of providing excellent Resistance to Chemical, Water, Acid, Alkali and Other Chemicals. CASKYD gives the flexibility of formulation to procure wide range of products as per the requirement of the industry. Special grades of chemical resistant paints and also be made using CASKYD products! Read More...