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Resin for Enamel Paints

From supplying Superior Quality CNSL & Cardanol Resin for Primers and to several variants of Paints - the Quality and Consistency and Supply Chain Management offered by CASKYD remains unparalleled over the past 30 years!
Resin is supposed to be the “Heart” of Paint & Primers and all its properties depend upon the quality of Resin used in the manufacturing. The role of CNSL / Cardanol resin in Paint & Primer is Very Precise and Significant. It imparts a mirror Gloss to Paint or Primer Finish. It also makes the Paint or Primer more flexible and imparts Great Mechanical Strength, Quick Dry, Rust and Corrosion Resistant -Enabling it to Resist Damages caused by Water, Acid, Alkali and other Eroding Chemicals.


Enamel paint is generally oil-based product, with a significant amount of gloss in them. These paint air dries to a hard, usually glossy, finish, used for coating surfaces that are outdoors or otherwise subject to erosion caused by variations in temperature, saturation and other external changes. We appreciate your need for a faster pace and thus we present a special range of fast dry enamels resins as well. These are proven to touch dry within30–45 minutes of application, which are ideal for Industrial finishes.
Enamel paint is also used on wood to make it resistant to the atmospheric elements. Generally, treated and painted surfaces have proven to last much longer and are much more resistant to climatic and external changes as compared to untreated surfaces.

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STOVING ENAMEL had been specially formulated to give a non-yellowing property, high gloss, hard and durable finish. It effectively protective and decorates like the Enamel Paint. It offers resistance to oils, waters, solvents, alcohol’s and limited tolerance to kenotic solvents making the Stoving Enamel usable on a wide range of applications. This system finds brilliant usability in home appliances, electrical fittings, toys and automobile industries. It can be used as a protective sheath as well for steel furniture, control panels, machinery’s etc.


  • Excellent adhesion, flexibility and sturdiness
  • Effective mechanical strength
  • Resistance to chemicals and water (However, direct immersion in chemicals is not advisable)
  • Excellent mar resistance
  • Resistance to Aliphatic Aromatic solvents, Alcohols, Grease and fats (However, direct immersion is not advisable)
  • Unaffected by oils and detergents

CASKYD fulfils all the above requirements and more!

CASKYD has excellent Resistance to Water, Acid, Alkali and Other Chemicals.

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All the variants of CASKYD impart excellent mirror gloss property to Enamel Paints. With properties like Quick Air Drying and good Bonding and Adhesion, it’s an ideal CNSL Resin to be used in Enamel Paints with Global Standards!

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