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Offset Print Ink Resin

We are manufacturers of Offset Printing Ink Resin – CASKYD. It is a ready to use Eco – Friendly Phenolic Medium that can be used in both Black and Colored Offset Printing Ink.Our product are purely based on CNSL and Cardanol Technology. CASKYD is absolutely a Green Product –having been produced from all renewable resources and features properties like Zero VOC i.e. 100% Solid Product, Excellent Wetting & Dispersion, Enhances Flow & Transfer and Litho Properties of the Ink. Furthermore CASKYD imparts Excellent Gloss and increases the Color Density of the Ink.It also has good Rub-Resistantand excellent Resistance to Water, Acid, Alkali & Other Chemicals! CASKYD is used in a very small percentage in the Offset Ink but it enhances the overall Properties!

Faster Setting CASKYD versions are also now available which will solve all your need for Quick Drying Offset Resin! CASKYD is extensively used by Offset Printing Ink Manufacturers globally for the above Quality Advantages and numerous other improvements. INDUSTRIAL RESINS & CHEMICALS are the Manufacturers and the soul wholesale exporters for CASKYD which is used by Offset Printing Ink manufacturers Globally!

Offset Printing ink is made of three basic components:

• Pigments - There are two basic types of pigment used in offset Printing Inks. Organic pigment, which is made from carbon - Its used for making various Black ink, and Inorganic pigments, which are made synthetically and are used in case of Colored inks.

• Vehicle - Vehicle is the liquid that holds the particles of pigment and carries them to the paper.

• Modifiers - Modifiers are ingredients added to the ink to control drying and other qualities such as smell and resistance to fading.

INDUSTRIAL RESINS & CHEMICALS offers Offset ink formulators the latest technology based on CNSL & Cardanol Technology:

• Truly Eco-Friendly Green Product

• Soy oil based formulation

• 100% Solid – Faster Setting properties

• Substituent for your Gilsonite / Alkyd Varnish

•Enhances the Color, Flow, Gloss and Mileage Properties

•Reduces your Raw Material Costing!

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