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Resin for Primers

CASKYD is being used successfully by Flush Pigments Manufacturers for the Past Decade. CASKYD is a Specialised Resin for Offset Printing Ink - Hence it will ensure you better results when used instead of standard Alkyd Resin in your Flush Pigment formulation!

Advantages of CASKYD 909 vs Alkyd:

  • CASKYD will provide Better Wetting & Dispersion - Hence Better Ink Density
  • CASKYD will provide much Better Flow & Transfer Property
  • CASKYD will provide better Rub - Resistance
  • Better Ink - Water Balance
  • Better Ink Properties

CASKYD will help you to improve the Flow & Transfer, Litho Properties, Gloss, Color Density + Reduce the Cost of your Flush!
We request you to try Phenolic Resin - CASKYD in your Cyan & Yellow at about 5% and in Magenta at about 7%, replacing the Alkyd completely!
We are successfully supplying our products to Offset Printing Ink Manufacturers in India, South East Asia, China and Europe for more than 25 years!

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