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We, INDUSTRIAL RESINS & CHEMICALS started manufacturing Phenolic Resin in the early 1980’s. Today we are one of the leading CNSL and Cardanol Resin Manufacturing Companies! Our Brand CASKYD® is well known for its Quality and Consistency Globally! CASKYD® is the perfect Balance of Quality, Consistency and Technology.

In 1980s we had begun as a simple CNSL Resin manufacturers for the Paint Industry. After Three and Half Decades - We now cater to the Paint & Primer Industry, Varnish Industry, Roll Brake Lining Industry, Printing Ink Industry, Insulating Varnish Manufacturers, Rubber Industry etc.

We also customize our C.N.S.L / CARDANOL Resin as per the Client’s Specifications.

Fast evolving Polymer Technology and Competition Driven Global Market is rapidly reducing the usage of Petrochemicals based raw materials in the Productions of Resin Polymers. Increasing concerns for the environmental hazards caused by non-degradable synthetic polymers directed worldwide research towards the use of ‘Renewable Resources’ as a Green Step Forward for the production of Resin Polymers. Amongst the Renewable Resources, the use of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL), a natural and annually renewable material obtained as a By-Product of the Cashew Industry – is unique in the way that it is a Naturally Occurring Phenol, with a Long Unsaturated Side Chain generally at the Meta Position. Due to the various functional groups present in the Base C.N.S.L structure, CNSL can take part in a number of different reactions and differs in behavior as compared to the Synthetic Phenolic Resins.

CNSL is Amber-Colored, Viscous Oil extracted from the Pericarp of the Cashew Shells through various Chemical & Mechanical Methods.

It is Cost Efficient, Renewable and is successfully used to manufacture a variety of useful Products which can replace the widely used Synthetic Phenol Resins in many of its Applications with Equivalent Or Better Results.

Phenolic Resins derived from CNSL & Cardanol are employed widely in the fields of Friction Materials, Automobiles, Surface Coatings, Adhesives, Laminates, Rubber Compounding, as a Wood Preservative and several other such miscellaneous applications. It offers a wider scope and varied opportunity for the Development of New and Tailored Made Polymers as well. The functional group in CNSL and CARDANOL can be activated for the preparation of many Specialty Resins which finds a lot of use in Motor Vehicle’s & Heavy Earth Moving Machinery’s Brake Lining, as a Binder or as Friction Powder. In Surface Coating like: Anti-Corrosive Paints, Varnishes and Lamination Lacquers. These Resin have excellent Resistance to Humidity, Acid, and Alkalis that can causes substantial damage.

Both CNSL and CARDANOL Resins have a huge potential usage in the Chemical Industry.

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